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Ellen Show Clown Drop Flailer

Ellen DeGeneres Show Scares

We have been working with the Ellen DeGeneres Show for a couple of years now. It has been a great experience to see what the Ellen Show does with our Halloween props to scare people in their cast and crew. Check out some of the great props that we provided the show to help Ellen scare her friends and guest.

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Brand New Website!

We have just launched a brand new website built from the bottom up.

It was a ton of work and we have made many new improvements.

Better navigating features, Bigger pictures, Bigger videos, Easier check out.

Please tell us what you think?

Now that Transworld is over we are hitting the ground running. We are busy building props until the end of June. If you want to place an order please do it soon don’t wait until September sometimes its too late to get by Halloween.

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Creatures and critters - VOL 2

Audio Cd’s

We completely overhauled the “Audio CD” section of the website.

Now offering immediate digital downloads.

Much easier navigating, samples, complete track listing.

Tell us what you think.

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Transworld 2014 Tradeshow Booth Setup

Still taking orders for 2016

We are still taking orders for 2016. Right now our turnaround is fast only 2 weeks or less. Place you order online and get it before Halloween.

We will be filling the Transworld orders until the end of June so if you need to place an order please do it soon. We have had many orders placed after the show and they keep coming in every week.

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