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Here at Poison Props we work year round to deliver custom and build-to-order quality props. Our props are built to scare and built to last. We use only quality materials for every prop. Our turnaround time is quick, usually 2 to 3 weeks. It’s always best to order early so we can get your order done in time for your event. Due to PayPal policy changes any refunds or cancelled orders will be charged a 3% return fee. If the prop has already gone into build production there is 20% restocking fee.

Adam Johnston is a two time Emmy Award Winning Sound Designer for FILM and TELEVISION. With 30 years of experience, he is the creative and technical expert behind Poison Halloween Props. Johnston has been creating and building Halloween Haunted House Attractions for over 22 years constantly striving to find new and ingenious ways to terrorize patrons!!

Johnston prides himself on detailed sound. His props all come to life with high powered speakers and high quality Digital Sound Players. Whenever possible all speakers are mounted in the chest of the prop so the sound travels with the prop creating a very realistic effect. It makes a big difference and brings the prop to life.

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Poison Props also likes to keep the install and set up for our customers as simple as possible. That’s why we always have all electronics and valves mounted on one control board with everything labeled for easy install. We even include an air regulator preset so its completely plug and play. All airlines, speakers, lights and fog machines are labeled as well for super easy set up.

Another important aspect is the quality of parts that go into each and every prop. All props are built to last. How we achieve that is by using heavy gauge steel, grade 8 bolts, bushings, bearings and speed controls. Keeping the props operating at a fast and violent pace but still have grace to prevent slamming is tricky and we have figured out ways to have the props move fast but not bang too hard. It’s a delicate balance that is key in order to keep the props running for years with minimum maintenance. Bottom line… Happy Customers for years to come.

POISON PROPS delivers! We have never missed an order date since 2007 and plan to keep it that way. When a haunt is in a pinch they always call us. Here at Poison Props we go out of our way to build quality props that will last for years. We also make sure to offer the lowest prices possible to everyone. Our prices are always wholesale to the public.

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