Clown Wall Jumper CWJ302


Clown waits behind 4' wall, then flies up and over to almost 7' shaking Violently while Laughing insanely! Halloween Spooky Haunted House Animatronic Prop.


Clown Wall Jumper Example Video


Clown waits behind 4′ wall, then flies up and over to almost 7′ shaking violently while laughing insanely! Installs easily on any 4′ wall or hide behind a bush. Hides easily.

Comes with Character, Pneumatics, Programed controller and Motion sensor.
Wall and Curtains not included.

Audio package includes: Digital audio player, Powered speaker and Audio scream effect.

REQUIREMENTS: AC power and Air 100 psi.
Ships Freight.
Shipping $295

NOTE: All Characters heads can be interchanged to any mechanism to suit your needs.
NOTE: Shipping calculator is an estimate only for USA. If you are buying more than one prop it will most likely be less.

Additional information

Weight 165.0000 lbs
Dimensions 42.0000 x 42.0000 x 55.0000 in

Add Audio (+$199), No Audio

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